Bingo Bracegirdle

Plucky Halfling farmer


Bingo is softly spoken and light on his feet. He dresses in green and has curly brown hair on his head and his feet and bright brown eyes. His broad, open face frequently creases into a smile, and when his emotions grow strong, his cheeks flush bright red. Bingo prefers to resolve conflict with his wit and his words, but he cannot abide bullies.


Bingo Bracegirdle is a farmer from Dardano. His family have farmed the same plot of land for generations, nurturing the crops and tending to the herds. The work is hard and the taxes are high, but Bingo is a practical fellow: he can till the soil and gather in the harvest, and, when the harvest is poor, he can turn his hand to hunting to make sure that there is enough food to provide for his family.

Regrettably however, the local sheriff did not agree that Bingo should be able to hunt freely in the lord’s forest, and hauled him before a court accused of poaching. Bingo expected a harsh punishment, but the magistrate offered to commute the sentence provided he joined the expedition to the North. He leapt at the opportunity, hoping to make a new and better home for his family, free from exploitation by greedy nobles.

When Bingo set out on his adventure, his mother gave him two heirlooms to protect him; a stout bow that was made by his grandfather and a rabbit’s foot, an artefact sacred to the Rabbit Goddess, Nimbleskip. Far more valuable to Bingo though are his family, in particular his clever wife, Poppy and their three healthy children, Flambard, Dandelion and Mungo.

Bingo Bracegirdle

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